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Native American Classic

Native American Classic

The Jegos will be in Phoenix Nov. 2 - Nov 4 for the Native American Classic!

This year the classic is being held at Phoenix College and showcases some of the best teams from around the country. The Jegos start their 2017-2018 campaign against one of the best D1 Juco's in the country, Salt Lake Community College on Nov 2! Nov 3 the Jegos take on Taylor Made Prep and Nov 4 they will play the Jegos Alumni! Come out and see some great basketball!

Game times are:

Nov 2

5:30pm - Phoenix vs Midland 

7:30pm -TOCC vs Salt Lake

Nov 3

3:30pm - Midland vs Chandler Gilbert

5:30pm - Taylor Made Prep vs TOCC

7:30pm - Salt Lake vs Phoenix

Nov 4

2:00pm - Midland vs Salt Lake

4:00pm - TOCC vs TOCC alumni

6:00pm - Phoenix vs Taylor Made Prep